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how to move on

How to move on from your ex

How to move on from your ex – top tips. Breakups are one of the worst experiences we can endure as humans. There is no denying this. Science says it is normal to feel so hurt and distraught like we do during the breakup process. Here are my top tips on how to move on

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Why can’t I get over my ex?

Why can’t I get over my ex? A question you keep coming back to. Well today we are going to tell you why it is so hard to move on. Love is a form of addiction- it really is like a drug! You got used to having that person and the relationship in your life

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Do you really want your ex back?

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Breakups suck. We have well and truly established this. Especially if your one and only partner is the one to breakup with you and you don’t want it to happen. Well, you think you don’t want it to happen. Denial– the first thing you experience. You want to fix it. Get things back to how

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Should you trust them?

Should you trust them? Ex-posed US have given us some interesting topics to consider recently. One of which is the topic of whether or not to trust that man. Here is a wonderful article on behalf of Ex-posed US. The Closet Test. I have a very simple test that helps me determine if I trust

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5 reasons why you need to speak to breakup-help

5 reasons why you need to speak to breakup-help. If you are reading this, chances are you are going through a breakup and probably need to talk to someone. Ok it sounds a bit vain for me to say there are all these reasons why you should be talking to us but the reality is,

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Do you have a story about an ex?

Do you have a story you want to share about an ex? have contacted breakup-help UK and shared some interesting insight around women speaking out about their stories after breakups. Do read the below snippet on behalf of because it is something that may be of value to you! She’s Crazy. Women often

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'Your support has been really helpful! I'm doing really well now-thank you so much. You kept telling me I would feel better and would stop wanting my ex back and I didn't believe it could be true until it has happened just as you said it would!'

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'More people need to know about breakup-help. I wish I had known about you months ago!'

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I feel so much better now than I did 2 weeks ago. Thank you so much for getting me here'

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