5 reasons why you need to speak to breakup-help

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5 reasons why you need to speak to breakup-help


5 reasons why you need to speak to breakup-help. If you are reading this, chances are you are going through a breakup and probably need to talk to someone.

Ok it sounds a bit vain for me to say there are all these reasons why you should be talking to us but the reality is, you need support and guidance to get over something as upsetting as a breakup. Otherwise, you may well bring old relationship issues into your next one!

Here is my top 5 list of reasons why you need breakup-help guidance:

1. You need to grow through your breakup not just go through it. Learn about yourself, what you like, want and need from a relationship and build the relationship you have with yourself.

2. You need to dig deep and talk about the unsaid feelings and thoughts you have been having. this doesn’t just happen during a coffee catch up with your mates or a telephone call with your mum.

3. Learn what your limiting beliefs are and how to let go of them! Guys don’t only like skinny girls and girls don’t only want to marry men who are successful. Let’s look at all the beliefs you have subconsciously been living by and let go of these.

4. Rediscover who you are. Find yourself again – we can help you find your confidence again and rebuild your self-esteem.

5. Learn to set boundaries and standards in order to be truly happy when you find the person you are supposed to be with.

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