About Breakup Help

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About breakup help: As the owner and founder of breakup-help, l believe I can guide people to re-learn to love themselves and own their lives after a break-up.

About breakup help and it’s mission: My mission is to help as many people as possible to overcome challenging feelings and behaviours that arise after a break up. I aim to share some tried and tested tools, as well as the valuable knowledge necessary, to get over a break up.

I do this by providing online remote psychological support across the UK and overseas for people who need my help.

I’ve spent most of my adult life studying and researching psychology. This includes that of the theory of human attachment. I have combined this knowledge with real life experiences and have developed something that I’m confident can help others.

Life after a break up can feel overwhelmingly negative. My programme can offer the light necessary to wrench you out of the shadows. It does this by supporting you to feel hope. I work with you to re-develop your self-worth. I offer you the tools to help you to confidently approach the challenges following a break up. Book your first chat with me for free here.


Professional Qualifications and Bio: