Hi! We are Breakup Help.

We help people get over relationship breakups.

Do you feel hopeless and like nothing will help you feel better? 

Do you feel like nobody understands how you feel and you don’t think anything will make the pain go away? 

Breakup help can guide you through a science backed breakup program to get you from denial over the end of a relationship, through to acceptance that it is over. 

By Telephone call or Video call, you don’t even have to leave your house (or bed in some cases!). 

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About breakup help

Breakup Programme

We have developed our breakup program with people like you in mind. We know how challenging it can be to accept that a relationship is over. 

Our experience

With a passion for psychology and human attachment paired with experience of working with people going through breakups, we know exactly how to help you! 

Master of Science in Psychology
Study in Human Attachment
Mental Health Worker
Study of Human Behaviour
Study of Relationship Breakups

We are here to help you get over a breakup.