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Common breakup mistakes that people make. Chances are, you have been through a breakup before and know how hard it can be. Because of how humans are wired, with a need for connection, we can fall into traps which make it harder to go through a breakup. All breakups are different and depending on the person, it can either be managed in the best way possible or sometimes in the worst way. Some of the things that you should avoid doing are in the following list.

4 things to avoid

Seeking out your ex. The enormous sense of loss and loneliness may lead you to seek out your ex for comfort. Whether this is by having conversations by telephone, text message or even meeting up. It can definitely keep you feeling stuck in the cycle later on. Yes they are familiar and yes it is comforting in the moment, however, longer term it is going to make you feel worse. You may not be thinking things through at this stage and are instead ‘reacting’ but try to bear this tip in mind.

Getting back out there too soon. You really do have to give yourself a chance to recover effectively before getting into a new relationship. The breakup needs to really sink in and you need to let yourself experience the feelings of loss and grief. Then you can begin thinking clearly again. You need to have learned from the experience and mourned the end of the relationship.

Thinking you should be over it by now. You must try to be patient and kind to yourself. Remove ‘should’ from your vocabulary. It is a challenging time, allowing yourself to deal with it how you can and take as long as is necessary.

Social media stalking. Your profiles are likely littered with memories and triggers. You will have photos with your ex, photos you ex took of you, photos of places you went with your ex, profiles of mutual friends and the list goes on. First thing’s first, delete your ex or hide their profile at the very least. Try to remove the triggers and make them much less accessible.

So that concludes the top 4 common breakup mistakes that people make.

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