Do you have a story about an ex?

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Do you have a story about an ex?


Do you have a story you want to share about an ex? have contacted breakup-help UK and shared some interesting insight around women speaking out about their stories after breakups. Do read the below snippet on behalf of because it is something that may be of value to you!

She’s Crazy.

Women often face an especially insidious cycle when dealing with drama.

As the drama begins to brew, many of us speak up. We do our best to communicate our thoughts and feelings, and share our perspective on what is happening. Granted, sometimes we’re better at this than other times, but more often than not, we’re trying.

This often gets ignored.

As the drama continues to build and often picks up speed, our voice becomes a bit louder. I have found that most women raise the volume when sharing their thoughts, feelings and perspectives in an effort to be heard. Often times they are not. Or worse, they’re heard but ignored.

At some point, we snap.

Sometimes this cycle seems to take a matter of moments from start to finish. Other times it can build over a period of years.

But this isn’t even the worst part.

Once we snap, so often- far too often- we’re labeled as “crazy,” “unhinged,” or “unstable.” And if you’ve been labeled crazy, it takes very little justification to be ignored. We write off “crazy women” all the time. And when we do this, the focus shifts from the issue to the craziness and blame is placed squarely on her shoulders.

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