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Getting over a breakup-how to let go and move on. It sounds easier than it really is in practice. Maybe you’ve started to worry about the future and whether you will ever even want to be with someone else again. If you’re still carrying emotionally baggage from your breakup, it can he difficult to move forward.

Relationships can affect us long after they are over. It is hard to accept something that was such a bug part of you is no longer that. It can also be hard to accept the end and move on.

Here are some tips to help you if you with getting over a breakup-how to let go and move on.

1. Work on letting go of anger. This can be such a challenge as it can be easy to feel stuck in the blame game. You may be answer seeking, who did what and what could have gone differently. This kind of thinking keeps you feeling bitter and angry. Tty to focus objectively on why you weren’t compatible and why your needs weren’t met instead.

2. Enjoy your new found sense of freedom. You are no longer fighting to make it work with your ex or struggling to make sense of why things are going wrong! Make plans for what you will do next, take up new hobbies or reconsider old ones that you loved.

3. Talk to someone about your thoughts and feelings and sort through them to figure out healthy ways to cope instead of potential negative habits that may be forming. We offer a free 20 minute telephone session to get started. Book yours here.