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Help after a breakup. List of tips to help you after a relationship has ended.


Help after a breakup is something that is necessary. You may have family and friends comforting you and helping you out but it is not quite enough. Here are 5 tips from a relationship breakup expert coach to help you to feel better after a breakup.

If you are reading this right now, chances are you are somewhere between not showering because you cant bring yourself to stop wallowing in your sadness, to stalking your ex on social media. Either way, you will get over this. Here are some tips to help you along the journey.

1.Get rid of your the things that are triggering your sadness. You may not be ready to bin the old photos and things that remind you of your ex but at least box or bag them up and give them to a friend or family member until you are ready. If you are reminded of your ex when you are in the middle isle of Aldi, shop at Lidls instead for a while. Mix things up to help yourself.

2.Do something physical. Maybe you can take up running or join a box-fit class. Do something to release steam and it will also boost your mental health for the better.

3.Remember who you are. You may have been wrapped up in your ex and your relationship but now is the time to remember who you were before them. You were happy and confident before your ex and you will be those things again.

4.Refresh your space. Make it feel more you and less you two. Incorporate this with a new self-care routine. Maybe you can buy some nice new candles or furniture and find create new ways of relaxing and unwinding in your space. Add items that spark joy to your space.

5.Talk to someone. We offer a free 20 minute telephone session with a breakup coach to guide you through the stages of your breakup. We don’t even mind if you stay in bed or cry during the session! Whatever helps you heal, we’ve got you. Book yours here.