How does it work?

How does it work?

How does it work? I will personally guide you through a specifically developed, science-backed programme which will help you to get over your ex. Book your first free session here

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During the initial session I will identify where in the process you are already and use this as a base.

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I work together with you to effectively overcome each stage.

You feel better!

By the end you will have come out the other side and will be feeling better.


The stages we work through together

Overcoming denial over the end of the relationship

Are you feeling as though this is just temporary and that you will make up and everything will go back to how you want it to be? If you are in this phase I will support you to understand why you are experiencing this and guide you to understand how to get past it.

How it works Anger

Managing anger over the breakup

Do you feel angry at yourself? Are you feeling angry at your ex? Are you lashing out at friends or family? During this stage I will guide you to identify any anger and support you to acknowledge those feelings and make it constructive in getting over your ex instead of it being destructive to you and/or your life.

how it works bargaining

Considering different ways of winning your ex back

Are you tempted to try to fix it all by yourself and sacrifice your own self-worth as long as you get a chance to fix your relationship? During this stage I will help you to recognise any illogical or unreasonable expectations you may have about yourself or the situation you are in and offer you guidance on the best approach to getting past this stage without it being detrimental to your self-esteem.

how it works relapse

Wanting to go back to your ex/actually going back to them temporarily

Have you considered going back to your ex? Have you met with your ex and now aren’t sure what to do? I will guide you to do the next right thing, whether you have relapsed or whether you are on the brink of relapsing.

how it works low mood

Lacking motivation to do things: Are you unable to get out of bed?

Are you avoiding your personal hygiene? Are you avoiding or ignoring your family and friends? Are you crying and feeling too broken to do basic things like eat, drink or get dressed for the day? I will guide you through this vital stage and support you to move forward from this stage faster and more effectively.

how it works acceptance

This final stage you will start to feel better

I will help take you from feeling an initial form of acceptance whereby you are accepting the situation because you have to, to a redirected hope where you reach a deeper level of acceptance. This is the point that we celebrate how far you have come and reflect and recognise how much better you are feeling! By the end of this stage you will have come out the other side and will be feeling positive, hopeful and grown through your experience.