How to be happy after a breakup

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How to be happy after a breakup


How to be happy after a breakup…..this is not an easy task! With the right help and guidance it is possible. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

Cry it out. Yes you might not want to leave your bed for a day and maybe you haven’t showered for 48 hours but if you need to wallow a little, do it! You are grieving the loss of someone. It is normal to go through this stage. Make sure you find a way eventually to push yourself to do things you know are healthy to do though.

Talk to someone. No, I don’t mean just your bestie who always tells you what you want to hear but doesn’t really know how to help you. Talk to a professional who can really guide you to get through the breakup process effectively.

Relearn to love yourself. Remember the person before the relationship! How were you spending your time? What made you feel good? What was your biggest obsession? Find things you enjoy and build your relationship with yourself again!

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