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breakup help

There’s no denying it- breakups are terrible. Even when they are conducted maturely and amicably. They can leave you feeling shaken and questioning your confidence and sanity! If they broke you with you, you have the added challenge of dealing with feelings of abandonment.

Here are 5 ways to start feeling better after a breakup.

1. Try to cut contact. Remaining friends or continuing communication with your ex can make the transition from being together to being broken less abrupt. However, research shows that staying friends with an ex is linked with feelings of depression, jealousy and difficulty moving on with someone new in the future.

2. Have a social media detox. It may be tempting to look at photos of old times and keep your relationship posts in case you get back together again. You may even be refreshing your ex’s page and keeping an eye on what they’re doing. This isn’t helping you move forward and research shows it makes you have a harder time dealing with the breakup. Block, mute and delete where necessary to preserve your mental health.

3. Go out with friends who make you feel good. Book dinners out and spend time with people who used to make you feel whole and warm inside. You won’t be feeling like doing much in the early stages but try to push yourself to at least do this one.

4. Lean into and sit with your feelings. It may be tempting to bottle them up and not address how you’re feeling. Trying to hold back thoughts can encourage you to think about them even more.

5. Talk to a professional. There are coaches like us out there who can help you get through this difficult time. Book your free 20 minute telephone session here to get started.