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breakup help

Getting over a breakup can take some work, some time and some support. The most important thing to consider after a relationship ends is YOU. It’s time to put yourself first again. Here’s a list of top 5 things you can do to start feeling better.

  • Take some space for yourself. If you can, avoid your ex in as many ways as possible as continuing to communicate and check in with them is going to keep you feeling stuck. Try to establish some boundaries.

  • Try to say yes to doing things with family and friends. As much as it is important to allow yourself to grieve the loss of the relationship, it is just as vital to continue socialising even if you don’t feel like it. Those who care about you will understand and will want to support you even if you aren’t being completely yourself.

  • Try to sit with your feelings where possible. If you are feeling sad and wallowing a little in that, allow it to be. It will pass and you will be ok again but sometimes you need to allow yourself to feel that sadness.

  • Be patient with yourself. It is not going to get better overnight however it will get better. Try to practice self-compassion and incorporate self-care activities into your routine such as a relaxing bath, meditation or exercise.

  • Talk to someone. It is helpful to talk to friends and family but often this isn’t enough. Talk to a professional who can guide you through the breakup process and help you to swap negative coping mechanisms for healthy ones.

Breakup-help offers a free 20 minute telephone session to get started on the journey to finding hope after a relationship ends. We can provide you with a safe place from which you can express yourself and we can guide you to a better, happier place. Book your free 20 minute telephone session here.