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How to get over your ex. 5 top tips to help you after a breakup.

  1. Cry it out. You will want to wallow in what has happened. You might not want to leave your bed for a day or two. You are allowed to wallow in the grief you are feeling. You are experiencing a loss. Allow yourself to be sad for a little while if you feel you need to cry.

2. Say YES. if your friends are trying to drag you out the house to go to a class or brunch date or outing, say yes. You will feel like hiding away but try to find it within you to allow those close to you to force you to do normal things.

3. Remember who you are. You were ok before your ex, you will be ok after them. Remember the things you wanted to do before them, the life you wanted to live and the goals you had for yourself. Maybe you wanted to travel. Maybe you wanted to go skydiving or join that dance class. Go and do those things, remember who you were before them.

4. Get rid of the memories. This sounds harsh and will be far from easy but it is necessary for you to move on from what has happened. If you can’t bring yourself to bin everything, pass them on to a friend of family member who you trust at least until after you have got over the major stages of the breakup.

5. TALK it out. You will want to repeat yourself about why it ended and how you are feeling. You may be feeling like your friends aren’t taking you seriously anymore or that you feel you are bringing down the mood so try talking to a professional- this can offer genuine and helpful guidance and support too which your friends and family may not be qualified to do. Breakup-Help offers a FREE telephone session, book yours here.