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woman sad breakup

How to get through a breakup and come out stronger. Top 5 tips to get over a breakup, because no matter how emotionally evolved you are, breakups suck. Here are some tips to help you cope and get through the healing process.

Go no contact if possible.

If you have to figure out shared bills, accounts or living space then this is a good reason to need to interact with your ex, however, messaging them to ask if they want their long forgotten hair grip back is probably not essential. No contact will help you come out of the cycle of hurt and hope and then hope that you are currently stuck in. This includes avoiding places in common you may go to, even if you have to take the long route home to avoid going past their house, sometimes this is best.

Be patient with yourself and wallow a little if need be.

You may not feel like forcing yourself to do normal things some of the time. This is ok. Allow yourself to sit with those feelings. Although you may feel like you will never be happy again in those moments, you will! But sometimes it’s ok to feel defeated and practice self-care instead. Rest and do things that are comforting to you. Remember to pick yourself back up though at some point and do something you would normally do (like brushing your teeth or showering even!).

Say YES to doing things.

When you get invited to do things, say yes. Be brave even when you aren’t feeling like it, this is what will help you to find yourself again. This will boost your confidence and help you to feel less of the despair you would otherwise be excessively feeling.

Balance out your thoughts.

You will be going through a phase of placing you rex on a pedestal and only remembering the good times of the relationship. There will have been plenty of things you were unhappy about or that you thought didn’t work so well. Balance thinking of those good memories with the realist bad ones too.

Talk about it!

Yes it is good to talk about it with friends and family but let’s face it, there comes a point when you feel like you are bringing down the mood or that you’ve repeated yourself one time too many. Talk to a professional- this way you can vent as much as you like and repeat things as many times as you like and receive genuine helpful support. We offer a free 20 minute telephone session to get you started. Book yours here.