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How to get your ex back after a breakup….Rule number one: you don’t! You aren’t thinking rationally after a breakup because if you were, you would not want to be with someone who didn’t want to be with you! Part of why you like someone and want a relationship with them is the fact they like you and treat you as such. Here are some things to know if you are going through a breakup.

Distance yourself from your ex.

Continuing to communicate with your ex, tell them you miss them, check in with them or check their social media pages is going to keep you feeling stuck. It is not going to win them back and it is not going to help you feel better. Try to avoid contact with your ex at all costs.

Reconnect with people and things that make you happy.

Even if at first you are just going along with it because you feel helpless and don’t know what else to do. Say yes to more plans and reconnect with people or hobbies that you used to enjoy. Remember who you are and try to focus on that instead of why they abandoned you and how you can get them back! They will be more drawn to a you who is confident and independent (don’t do it for this reason however).

Be kind to yourself.

If you don’t have the energy to do all the things you normally do, that’s ok. If you can’t climb a mountain on one day, climb a hill instead! baby steps are ok. You may need some time to sit with your feelings instead of being productive or distracting yourself. Allow yourself these moments.

Talk to someone.

Breakup coaching is a brilliant thing. You can get real help from a real expert about what you are going through and how to overcome it. Book a free chat with award winning breakup coach at breakup-help here.