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How to handle a breakup. What to do when your relationship is no longer working.

Maybe you have been feeling down for a while and have realised you no longer feel your relationship is healthy or making you happy and that it is coming to an end. Perhaps you have tried everything and it is just not working out. Or maybe your partner has expressed that they are no longer feeling that they want to be in the relationship. Maybe it is time to breakup and you just don’t think you can handle it because you know how painful it can be.

Here are some top tips to handle the breakup in the best way possible.

Let your feelings out. If you feel upset or angry allow yourself to feel those things. You are grieving the loss of something which was a big part of your life. Try not to ignore the feelings that may arise and allow them to exist instead. This will in turn help them to pass and prevent a major meltdown or more issues later down the line. If you feel sad- cry. If you feel angry, try to redirect the energy into a physical activity such as running.

Focus on you and your goals. This will be difficult at first. You probably barely have the energy to brush your teeth or shower some days but if on any day you feel a small glimmer of hope for your future, hold onto that. If motivation hits even for 5 seconds, focus on that. Gradually start to put a plan in place for what you want for yourself and what you can do to rebuild your confidence.

Seek guidance from a professional. Talking about what has happened and working with someone who can guide you through the process can make the whole thing feel a little less catastrophic and debilitating. We at breakup-help offer a FREE 20 minute telephone session to help you get started on this daunting journey. Book yours here.