How to move on from your ex

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how to move on

How to move on from your ex


How to move on from your ex – top tips.

Breakups are one of the worst experiences we can endure as humans. There is no denying this. Science says it is normal to feel so hurt and distraught like we do during the breakup process. Here are my top tips on how to move on from your ex.

1) Reflect on your breakup. Wallow in it for a while. The alternative is to bury it and not face up to what has happened. This can be detrimental in the long-run so make sure you spend time sitting with your feelings and thinking about what has happened.

2) say YES when your friends or family try to drag you out the house. You must force yourself to do these things as it will reduce stress in your body.

3) Remember the bad times too not just the good. Eventually you will realise you weren’t as happy as you thought you were and it weren’t as perfect as you are thinking it is during the denial phase.

4) Get to know knew people. this doesn’t mean you should meet with every person you match with on Tinder. But don’t avoid socialising and meeting new people forever. Your ex is not the only person in the world.

5) Talk to someone non-biased and who has good knowledge on how to help you. Reach out for help and get it all off your chest.

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