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sad breakup

I just broke up with my boyfriend-what to do after a breakup. Whether you’ve been together 1 year or 10 years, breakups can feel devastating and so difficult to come to terms with. The end of a relationship can cause people pain and a lot of unhappiness in their life. After all, you aren’t just grieving the loss of that person, you are also grieving the loss of future plans you had made. If you are reading this, you are probably going through a breakup and feel quite lost right now. Here are some next steps to help you along the way.

5 tips

Keep your distance from your ex. This is easier said than done, we know. But the sooner you realise that this is just keeping you feeling stuck in the cycle of hurt, the sooner you will be able to find acceptance and happiness again. That includes not stalking them on Instagram and wondering how you ended up on your exes, cousins, brothers, girlfriend’s profile zooming into a photo from 2015….

Be kind to yourself. If you need time to wallow a little in the hurt, that’s ok. If you are still in your pyjamas and have been for the past 16 hours, sure, be patient with yourself. Remember to get back up at some point and do something you would usually do, even if it’s just brushing your teeth. Then later if you cry into your ice-cream tub whilst telling your friends all about the breakup, be kind to yourself some more.

Put yourself first. Focus on your self care and self development. Indulge in the things you can, treat yourself to that manicure or have a bubble bath with that bath bomb you’ve been saving. Do things you wouldn’t necessarily have done whilst with your ex. Remember who you were before they came along.

Make time for your friends and family. Make yourself do the things you are being invited to do. You may not feel like it in the moment but try to do things you would normally do. Say yes to attending that gym class or going for that meal out even if it’s the last thing you want to be doing.

Talk it out. Breakup Help offers a free 20 minute telephone session to get you started on the journey towards a better you. Get some better help than just talking to your friends and family. Talk to a professional who knows how to guide you in the right direction. Book yours here.

Hopefully this article ‘I just broke up with my boyfriend-what to do after a breakup’ has been useful to you.