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a list of books to read after a breakup

Books to read after a breakup: Top 5

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Books to read after a breakup or even just in general, that are my must-reads for building confidence and for viewing life in a more rational and positive way. These are the top 5 books I believe every woman should read in order to feel like they are not alone! Not only are they informative but more importantly they are incredibly relate-able.

1) The insecure girl’s handbook, Liv Purvis. Don’t let the name fool you- you don’t have to be feeling insecure when you read this! This one is for all those times you compared yourself to others on instagram or beat yourself up over not doing what everyone else is doing…..

2) Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come, Jessica Pan. This is so great for reminding you to do the things that scare you/step out of your comfort zone.

3) Good vibes, good life, Vex King. A book for wisdom and inspiration.

4) Whole again, Jackson Mackenzie. For rediscovering yourself after a breakup.

5) It’s okay to feel things deeply, Carissa Potter. Uplifting and positive. A good reminder that it’s normal to feel deep emotions. Sometimes we just need a reminder that we are human and are allowed to feel things deeply and express this as long as we remember to eventually get back up after a fallback we are all good.

I hope you enjoy this ‘books to read after a breakup’ list as much as I did! If you need personal 1 to 1 support for getting over a breakup, I offer a free 20 minute chat- book yours here now.