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Movies to help you get over a breakup: Top 10

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Movies to help you get over a breakup or at least to make you feel slightly not alone and to give you ideas of things to watch when the girls come over to cheer you up.

Breakups suck! You aren’t really thinking straight because let’s face it, it feels like the world has ended right now. If today you aren’t feeling like leaving the house and need just a day of comfort, grab the ice cream tub from the freezer and turn the TV on to watch one of my favourite movies to help you get over a breakup. Enjoy!

1: Girls Trip. (Maybe you could even plan your very own girls trip)

2: The other woman (female empowerment is always in fashion)

3: The break up ( Good if you lived together)

4: Magic Mike ( To remind you there are people out there hotter than your ex)

5: Magic Mike XXL ( As above, need I say more)

6: How to be single (Some tips may be useful right now….)

7: Bridesmaids (always the bridesmaid never the bride comes to mind…)

8: John Tucker must die (For the cheating exes)

9: Mamma Mia (Very feel good)

10: Mamma Mia Here we go again (because you may as well binge them one after the other now)

Enjoy girls, don’t forget to pair a movie with my self-care tips list.

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