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Will we breakup because it was too soon to live together

Will we breakup because it was too soon to live together?

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Are you going through a breakup or through relationship challenges and wondering if it is due to the pressure that you both or one of you felt to live together before you might have been ready?

Given our current situation what with COVID, government rules have meant that there has been an increase in couples living together more quickly than they would have normally to protect their relationships. But this could end up being in vain.

To prevent this from becoming a negative thing there are steps that should be taken;

1) Don’t lose your boundaries. Remember to have some alone time, even if this is just in separate rooms.

2) If you have limited space, agree a timetable. For example, if you are both working from home put together a rota to make sure you aren’t squabbling over who gets to be in the office at a certain time.

3) Try to maintain some form of routine. If you would usually start work at 9 and finish at 5 try to make sure you still do this- turn your laptop off at 5. This will help you continue to make time for your relationship and/or family.

4) Be kind to yourself. These are not normal times so everything can’t be within your control. Less so than normal. If things aren’t perfect at the moment, try to let those little things go.

5) Expect that the people around you won’t be behaving completely normally. Be kind to yourself but to others as well. Perhaps your partner seems more grumpy than usual? Try to be understanding during a time of crisis. An outburst or argument doesn’t mean your relationship is in trouble. In fact it’s healthy to release emotions.

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