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The truth about breakups. No matter how they come about, breakup are painful and brings up a number of challenging feelings. These include guilt, sadness, worry, anger, hurt and rejection. It is natural to struggle with feelings that may arise because of a breakup but there are ways to help yourself.

By seeking help with a professional, focusing on yourself, allowing time to grieve and rebuilding you self-esteem you can get through this.

What can lead to a breakup.

Many things can lead to a breakup such as external factors, like one person moving away or experiencing a drastic lifestyle change which means that a relationship is no longer easily feasible. Internal factors can more likely cause issues leading to a breakup, such as feelings that you have grown apart or in different directions. Perhaps things have become unhealthy and the relationship needs to end to preserve each person’s mental health.

Deal breakers and lack of communication.

Perhaps you haven’t communicated effectively with your partner about what you each want from life. Perhaps one person wants to have children and the other does not. Maybe this wasn’t communicated effectively enough at the start or a change of mind has taken place. These are of course reasons that a relationship may come to an end. It is important to be honest with yourself and also your partner. The truth about breakups is that you just can’t always see it coming.


Depending on your relationship boundaries, cheating may look different to each and every couple. If you and your partner have communicated what you are or aren’t each comfortable with and you find that this has been violated, perhaps this can cause a relationship to end.

No identifiable reason.

If you are feeling that you no longer want to be in that relationship, it is probably best not to be in it! It is unusual to not really be able to place why you no longer want to be with someone. You may just feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

Think carefully about what else could be causing you to feel uncertain as it is very painful to go through a breakup. There may still be things you love about that person that you will miss. Indeed it will be very challenging for them too so it is something to consider carefully.

Are you are struggling with a relationship coming to an end and need some professional support? Book a FREE 20 minute telephone session with our breakup coach here and get started on finding some clarity.