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Tips for building a healthy relationship.


Tips for building a healthy relationship. Want to ensure that when you are in a relationship, you feel loved and connected with your partner? These tips will help you build and keep a romantic relationship that is happy and healthy.

All romantic relationship have their ups and downs and they all take commitment, work and a willingness to adapt together. Maybe you have experienced a lot of failed relationships in the past or feel that your current relationship doesn’t feel so healthy or happy anymore. Here are some tips to get you feeling connected with a partner and feeling fulfilment and happiness within your relationship.

Spend quality time together. This may sound simple but it is something that people are failing to do more and more in the modern technology world that we live in. Somehow one of you ends up scrolling along on social media instead of enjoying quality time effectively during a movie night. Maybe your messages have gone from ‘I miss you so much’ to ‘Can you pick up some milk from the shop too please?’ and time spent together or on communicating with one another has become a little (or a lot) less attentive. Try to look at one another and really be in the moment with each other during quality time together. Maybe try to add a bit of romance or fun back into the messages.

Practice good communication. Effective communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. When you feel an emotional connection with your partner, it creates a feeling of happiness and of feeling safe. The better you communicate with each other, the better you will be able to deal with times of stress or change. Try not to make your partner guess things, try to be more direct about what you need. If your partner cares about you or the relationship they will find pleasure in providing you with comfort and understanding. Communicating well with each other can prevent feelings of resentment and misunderstandings from taking place longer term.

Remember: communication isn’t just about verbal language. Pay attention to your partners non-verbal cues. Learn how to send out positive non-verbal cues – this will more than likely be mirrored by your partner.

Keep physical intimacy alive. Touch is one of our vital senses. It is a fundamental part of human existence. Being tactile with each other can boost oxytocin hormone levels which influences bonding and attachment. Yes sex is important and more of a cornerstone to a committed relationship but remember: it is not the only method of being physically intimate. Holding hands, hugging and kissing are equally as important.

Compromise sometimes. As long as you both live by this rule, it should feel for the most part fair in your relationship. Try not to make it your goal to ‘win’. It isn’t all about you and your needs. Your needs can be met better if you show compromise and willing to your partner too. You both deserve to be heard and the best compromise needs to be found in order for a healthy relationship to be maintained.

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