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What are the 5 love languages? Have you ever had a conversations with a friend and realised how their wants from a partner and relationship are so different from yours? It’s easy to think that everyone gives and receives love in the same way but in actual fact, everybody has different wants and needs from each other. The 5 love languages distinguishes these unique characteristics and was introduced by marriage counsellor Gary Chapman in his book the 5 love languages.

Words of affirmation.

Those who speak this language feel most connected with their partner after hearing some kind words. ‘It’s not about what you say it’s about what you do’ may not be a feature for the person who speaks this love language! This person connects deeply with what is said by their partner.

Acts of service.

For the person who speaks this language, actions speak louder than words. Words and gifts seem empty at time to the person who speaks this love language. Making effort and offering ways to make your partners life easier are the things. Cooking a meal for them or running errands for them make them feel that they are valued and cared for by you.

Receiving gifts.

This doesn’t mean the person speaking this language is materialistic or greedy, it’s about the message the gift is putting across ‘thinking of you’. Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be extravagant- flowers on your way home from work on occasion can mean a lot to someone with this love language. To a person speaking this language means a tangible object in their hand makes them feel loved.

Quality time.

If this is your partner’s love language, make time to spend with only them is a big deal. It’s more than just sitting on the sofa together. Many people feel they spend lots of time with their partner and can’t understand why their partner still feels dissatisfied. It is because this time spent is not necessarily quality time. Ditch any distractions and give your partner your full focus and attention. Be present with them and really listen and respond.

Physical touch.

You may assume this is just about sex. It absolutely isn’t. This is for those who feel more connected with their partner when touch in involved. Cuddling with a partner may mean so much to a person with this love language. This person feels a much stronger feeling of love when physical touch is more present.

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