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What should I do after a breakup? Here are some top tips.

Give yourself time.

Be kind to yourself right now. You may not have the strength or energy to do all things you would usually do. Maybe you don’t even have the energy to brush your teeth today. Well be patient with yourself, you will get there again. You are experiencing a loss so remember, you aren’t going to just be ok right away. You will need to grieve this.

Sit with your feelings.

You will be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. Angry, sad, guilty, lonely, relieved, depressed amongst many others! Sit with these. Try not to punish yourself for having these feelings and allow them to exist. You are allowed to feel challenging emotions some times, it is important to let them be in order for them to pass.

Get rid of any triggers.

This includes any gifts, photos or any access to your exes social media platforms. You need to help yourself in this way because otherwise you will remain stuck in a cycle of being reminded of the good times and feeling miserable. It is important to try to be proactive about this and try to help yourself by avoiding seeing these triggers.

Rebuild your relationship with yourself.

You were probably happy, confident or independent before you met your ex. Remember? You used to be fine! Try to reconnect with old hobbies and friends. You will need to force yourself to do this initially but it will start to feel more natural again.

Talk to someone.

A professional coach can help you overcome this. We can help guide you through the breakup stages and help you to understand why you are feeling how you are. We offer a FREE telephone session to get you started. Book yours here.