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What to do after a breakup-how to be well and good. Mourning the loss of a relationship can feel much like mourning a death. There are various similar stages that you will go through such as shock, denial, bargaining, low moods and depression. Healing from a breakup is not a linear thing. It goes in ups and downs and back and forth and can feel like an emotional rollercoaster.

What to do after a breakup-4 Tips

Recognise and accept that you are going to be feeling a loss.

Breakups are hard. You are a human being! It isn’t going to feel easy getting over something that was a big part of your life.

Know that it is normal to feel lonely and scared and at a loss right now. It is easy to get used to having that person there for you and being around them. Accept that you are going to feel a loss and that it is normal to be feeling these challenging emotions.

Keep yourself relatively busy.

Some days you are not even going to want to get out of bed. It will be tempting to reach out to your ex as it is because you have lots of time to yourself. Therefore this creates more temptation to reach out to your ex.

We all know the no-contact rule exists for a reason so it won’t help you in the long run if you continue interacting and checking up on your ex. As a result, you will continue feeling stuck in the breakup cycle. To overcome this, say yes to doing things you are invited to, even if you don’t feel like it. This is because it is important to spend time with family and friends at this time. You can explain you may not behave as your usual self but that you would still like to be around them.

Revamp your living space.

At the moment, everything will remind you of your ex or of your relationship. Make it less triggering by revamping your living space and make it feel more ‘you’ and less ‘us’. Get rid of all their things (bag them up for now if they may want them back) and try to make the space feel calm and all about you. Decrease your exposure to memories with your ex.

Talk about the breakup and ask for support.

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