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What to do after a breakup. Top tips to feel better. Are you going through a breakup? Are you feeling like nothing will help and that no one understands? It is normal to be having these thoughts but the truth is, you are not thinking rationally right now. Here are some tips to get you through this challenging time.

Say yes to plans with friends.

You might not be feeling like it right now but let your friends make you go with them to that hula hoop fitness class. Tag along with them to the supermarket, spend time with their children and distract yourself with social activities. This will not only distract you from your own sadness for a short while, it will also help you regain the confidence you may have lost during this ordeal.

Rediscover yourself.

Let’s face it, you have made your relationship and your partner your biggest priority for the time you were together. Whether that meant that you made plans as a ‘we’ or an ‘us’ more than an ‘I’ or a ‘me’ or just because you arranged your plans around seeing them. This is a time now for you to focus on you. You don’t have to worry about anyone other than yourself for a while and although you may be thinking ‘I want to have them to worry about’ it is now a time for you to find yourself again. What did you used to like doing before they were in your life? What hobbies did you have? Where did you want to travel to? What career aspirations did you leave behind? Now is the comeback after a heavy fall back.

Self-care is a must.

Your nail technician doesn’t care if you cry whilst she works. The wallowing you are doing in bed can also be done in the bath. Run a bath with bubbles, light candles, try to find some peace somehow and focus on making your body feel relaxed where possible. Try to counter the stress you are putting it through by crying and feeling emotional. Use face masks, hair masks and foot masks. Do all the things you used to neglect doing because you were too busy being in a relationship! Build that relationship with yourself again.

Do something physical.

Maybe the most you can muster at the moment is a 2 minute run or a walk around the park. This is good! DO that 2 minute run then extend it to 5 minutes the next day. A little push it what it takes to get you doing something that will help to boost your mood and get you recovering from this breakup faster.

Talk to someone who can help.

Breakup help can guide you through the stages of a breakup and help you understand the science behind each stage. We can help you utilise tools and strategies to feel better. Book your free 20 minute telephone session here.