Why can’t I get over my ex?

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Why can’t I get over my ex?


Why can’t I get over my ex? A question you keep coming back to. Well today we are going to tell you why it is so hard to move on.

Love is a form of addiction- it really is like a drug! You got used to having that person and the relationship in your life like a drug addict does with a substance. It does something to the brain (annoyingly) and means the withdrawal is a time of feeling out of character and desperate.

How to get over it

Rebuild your self-esteem. This isn’t all your fault because you weren’t good enough or should have done things differently. We can help with this.

Get out and about. Call your friends or family and meet with them for a coffee or a walk. Don’t get sucked into the hermit life of feeling sad and not leaving your bed all week.

Take time to sit with your feelings. No good bottling it up as this will cause more harm than good. Accept what you are feeling, talk about it and cry/wallow if you have to a little.

Balance out your thoughts. You are remembering your ex in a different light than who they were. They weren’t perfect and amazing and wonderful and you are not the reason it ended. Take off those rose tints and be real about who they were.

Still asking yourself- why can’t I get over my ex? If you need help getting over your ex, reach out now!